New photo of DM
DM with Jackson Browne at Yamaha's "Groove Night" - January '04
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Boston, MA, USA / January 2004

First and foremost....
HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all !

I'm writing this at the years' coda and trust this finds you all in good health & spirit. Apologies to those of you who noticed there was no " Gig Page " for December. The month is usually intense for everyone at the best of times and my recording schedule - with few live dates - made it more so. I'll do my best to stay on top of the listings in '04 !
Details on the GIG page.

It's been an busy '03 for yours truly and I'd like to take the opportunity to reflect and thank some people who this year have contributed to make my move here so musically enjoyable. The summer concerts with Mary Chapin Carpenter and the Feb' UK dates with "Feast-of-Fiddles" were wonderful as always as well as gigs with the " DM Trio " & " Super Genius " ( SG being the nearest I'm likely to get to a group situ' these days!) Other New England dates included ones with : Paul Ahlstrand Quartet / Sal Baglio / Dennis Brennan / Amy Fairchild / Tony Gallo / Davey Johnston / Bobby Keyes / Brian Maes / Jacqui Naylor / Peter Parcek / Jonathon Pointer / " Swinging Steaks " / John Troy / Toni Lynn Washington.

In the studio, I've been fortunate to work with excellent recording engineers; the sessions listed have been positive experiences on every level. They include ones with : Fly Ameero / Laura Brereton / John Dodge / Peter Donnelly / Jason Hatfield / Dan King (*) / Skip McKinley / Danny Liszt (*) / Peter Mallick (*) / Jared Mason (**) / Christian McNeil / Larry Nelson (*) / Nicole Nelson (*) / MaryAnn Redmond / Brian Rolland / John Sheldon / Jerree Small / Schuyler Spacek / Chip Taylor-Carrie Rodriguez (*) / Todd Thibaud / Teddy Thompson / Frank Ungari / Jon Wasserman / Susan Werner. [ * These CD's now out / ** Co-production ]

From my observation point - and many others it would seem - the record/music " business " is undergoing a big upheaval and to be a musician who enjoys his work is a fortunate position to be in these days; it's one I'll never take lightly. To the players, artists, producers and engineers that call and most importantly to the folks who go to gigs and buy a CD - thank you.

I hope I'll get to see those of you that are a little further afield this year; mid-Jan' takes me to LA for the NAMM associated "Yamaha Groove Night"; I'll be in the UK late Feb' for the annual "Feast-of-Fiddles" tour-ette ... beyond that, watch that GIGS page!

There'll be more new pics coming soon so do check in from time to time .... including some shots from Yamaha's "Groove Night" in January when I was fortunate enough to have my song choice (Warren Zevon's "Lawyers, Guns and Money") sung by Will Lee and Jackson Browne! For the time being, the XTC "NonSuch" recording sessions photo gallery with Gus Dudgeon still hold pride of place. I hope you enjoy them. new pics'
b/w photo

We managed to see the Elton John "Live from the Royal Opera House" concert over the Holiday this year (performed last November time.)

Elton's wonderful tribute to Gus and Sheila was so very touching. What can I say, except I miss them both and cannot walk into a Recording Studio without knowing and realizing just how much Gus meant and means to me.

My best wishes for a healthy & happy year. Fondest to you all and do stay tuned.


PS: Drummers - please don't hesitate to contact me for discussions on equipment (or even if you're looking for a snare drum.) As for most of us, it continues to be a passion!