New England /  June '02.
Good day to you all !
Thank you again for your patience  -  I hope this update will be of interest to musicians / music fans everywhere.
First off, I'd like to let you know about some sites  :  -  if you go to the subsection " artists " & type in the name of yours truly, they have one of the most comprehensive listings of the CD's/ recordings I've done  ... it's not complete but it's close  ....  -  has a very comprehensive list of players  - with sound bites too  -  I'm flattered to be included !  -  is a magazine from Atlanta , GA primarily dealing with the vintage / tech' side of drumming ;  by the time you'll be reading this update, the current issue should be available with my interview & other topics of interest to the vintage drum fraternity . 
A reminder that the Sept.  [UK] " Rhythm " magazine had a lengthy interview ; also Nov. " Modern Drummer " carried an update. 
NB : For the players out there, there's a lengthy " tech page " update I hope you enjoy.
I purchased a set of electronic Roland " V drums " just before the new year ( cries of horror from the folk world ! ) & should hasten to add that although they'll never replace acoustic drums / percussion , they're an extremely useful tool to have at one's disposal.  I couldn't contemplate using them in a " live " playing scenario, but as a studio / recording device, they are excellent .  To date, I've used them on film & documentary work with composer Mason Daring  -  a Disney movie & a John Sayles film should be released this summer / autumn & I should have details in the next update.
I apologize to the UK readers if you found out about the "Feast of Fiddles" short March tour after the event  -  scheduling prevented me from posting the dates.  Suffice to say, we had a wonderful time, sold-out all of the gigs  & the new CD sold well beyond our expectations . The tour also gave me the opportunity  -  far too briefly I might add  -  to visit family in Devon which made the excursion overseas all the more worthwhile.  If you'd like more information on that band & the new CD, go to .
In case some of you were curious, I won't be touring this year with Mary Chapin Carpenter. She's taking time off to get married(June), build a new house & generally take time out from the recording/touring circle.  I hope I'll get the chance to work with her when she decides to pick up again.
Recording dates & gigs [ songwriters /jazz /blues /rock ] have been keeping me busy here in New England  -  although some of these people won't be familiar to all of you, I've had a most enjoyable time with all these artists.  A partial list includes :
Kerri Powers  /  Murali Coryell  /  Mike Barry [ " Super Genius " ]*  /  " Paved Country "  /  Chip Taylor-Carrie Rodriguez  /  " Dangerous Brothers "  /  Bob Franke  /  John Troy-David Brown  / " Rust Farm "*  /   ...  I also recently got to record with the fine bass player Tony Levin from Peter Gabriel/King Crimson fame.
Without detracting from any of my wonderful UK musician friends, I'm pleased to tell you that I'm hooking up with great people & super players  -  on all instruments  -  in the Boston / New England area.
An explanation of the asterix [*]  :  these are two bands/individuals that I've become involved with a little beyond the more usual " sideman " role.  Both bands have great songwriters in them & I've contributed some extra time [ & keyboards, in the case of " Super Genius " ] to both recording & live dates .  Both CD's should be available before the end of this year & you can see me occasionally playing the odd gig with" Rust Farm " around the Boston/NE scene. I'll have more info' for you in the next update.
FYI, Picture # 6 [ recently discovered @ home ] is of yours truly at the [ UK ] Cropredy Music Festival sometime in the early/mid 90's(?) .  With Martin Alcock on guitar & Dave Pegg on bass , we're backing Robert Plant on a short set of songs from his old band, you-know-who.
Thank you once more for your interest ( & patience ! )  -  I hope you've enjoyed this update  ..... please don't hesitate to write if you've any questions   ....   fondest wishes to you all  ....  DM