New England, USA - July/Aug '07

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Dave Mattacks Snares
Pic’ courtesy of Kevin Smith

Once again, I'm sketching this update on a plane -  this time returning from two dates out west with Rosanne Cash. I hope you'll forgive this missive being somewhat shorter than usual.
Mid-March took me to England for the annual "Feast of Fiddles" tour-ette. Our 15th UK run had 12 dates back-to-back, 9 of which sold out  -  definitely one of our better tours, though they're all enjoyable. Our new 'Live' CD was well received -  sufficiently to catapult us to solvency mid-tour! To all our supporters  -  thankyou  -  & see you same time next year. []
Just prior to the tour, I held a Master-Class @ London's Royal Academy of Music [thanks to Neil Percy & Paul Clarvis] & later the same day witnessed some superb ensemble playing from the students at an afternoon concert.
After the FOF dates, we had a wonderful Easter weekend break in Devon visiting my Mother (94!), Sister & her family. Great weather was simply the icing on the cake.
The day after my return to Boston, I was fortunate to attend a 'one-off' Steve Gadd clinic. I saw a lot of the fine Zildjian folk & several Boston drummer-chums, & can honestly say it was one of the best drum events I've been to   -  as much for what Steve has to say as well as his always SO musical playing. It really was a thoroughly inspiring evening.

FYI, a couple of Boston concerts I recently caught with drum-chum Jerry Deupre were equally inspiring; Toots Thielmans {with the Kenny Werner Trio} & the Bill Frisell Trio  -  both in one evening!
Dave Mattacks Snares
Pic' courtesy of David Schnirman
As well as my various 'live' dates, the last few months have seen studio sessions with Amy Fairchild, Dan King, Linda Sharar, John Speziale, Digney Fignus, Allen Devine, Brooks Williams, Judy Cooper - & the tracks I'm producing for folk singer Debra Cowan are coming together well. I recently heard from good friend Jared Mason & was reminded what a fine CD we produced a couple of years ago; if you missed it, check out  As always, "Google" the other folk mentioned above for further illumination.
Finally -  TA-DA!  -  the new Super Genius CD is out/available.  I can't say enough about this...I'm proud to be on it/involved...go to to listen & find out more. Trust me - it's worth it!
As mentioned in the last main news page, the UK band I was once in, Fairport Convention, are celebrating their 40th Anniversary @ their annual "Cropredy Music Festival" in Oxfordshire this August. They've asked me to join them for two nights;  on Aug' 10th, we'll be playing the whole of the "Liege & Leif " CD, & then I'll sit-in/join the band on other songs from their repertoire on Saturday the 12th. For more info', go to
Dave Mattacks Snares
Steve Smith, Charlie Watts & DM after Steve's gig @ Harvard Square's "Regatta Bar"
Pic' courtesy of Jim McGathey/John DeChristopher of Zildjian
Don't forget to check out the "gigs" section to find out if I'll be playing near you; you can also contact me through this site if you've a burning question!

Drummers [1] For those who've enquired  - yes, I do give lessons & [2] look for "Drumhead " magazine - as well as my regular contribution, there's a neat interview/conversation between editor Jonathon Mover & myself in issue #2 [the one with Dennis Chambers on the cover].
Finally, media section!  Recommended:
CD: The new Kenny Werner [with the ever wonderful Brian Blade], "Swinging in Studio One" - Paul Clarvis, Alan Barnes, Jim Hart. Simply a great jazz CD -- Clarvis in great form!
Films: "Perfume", "Breach", "Notes on a Scandal".
Book: "Second Chance" - Zbigniew Brezezinski.  
Thanks for taking the time to read this  -  I hope to see you soon.  DM 

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