DM in 2001Boston, MA, USA / Sept 21st 2001

Once again, I owe you all a very big " Thankyou " for your patience & support - it's been too long since my last update. I hope there are still some out there that haven't given up on me !
My apologies to you & my friend & website minder Colin Edwards for the wait.

Before I continue, I'd just like to clarify the facts regarding my whereabouts on Sept. 11th.

At 6.30 am that morning, Duke Levine, Kevin Barry ( both - like myself living in Boston & from Mary Chapin Carpenters' group ) & I flew from Boston's Logan airport to NY's LaGuardia to do a one-off TV show with Chapin in NYC, the plan being to return later on the same day. Our plane was a little late leaving Boston & we touched down in NY around 8.00 am.

We were in a car a couple of minutes away from our downtown destination when Kevin Barry thought he heard a bang & thought he saw a plane flying very low. As we arrived at our location, it was beginning to dawn on everyone what had happened although virtually unbelievable. I was out on the street when the second plane hit ; I heard the explosion & then saw the smoke. Our venue was 15 or so blocks from the WTC.

We immediately left the area, headed uptown to an hotel, stayed overnight & to cut a long story short , eventually returned to Boston late Wednesday night ( 12th ).

It is not easy for me to elaborate on this subject .... & I'd rather not add to the thousands of words already written. Suffice to say I know my feelings are shared. Music & music-making may seem somewhat trite right now, but it's been pointed out to me that as a musician, I - along with thousands of others - can sometimes put a smile on people's faces. I hope & pray all of us who make & love music will continue to do so for a long time & that in some way music can support & comfort those who enjoy it during these difficult times.

Although just about everyone's future plans are somewhat in limbo at present, I'd like to back-track & thank those of you who came out to the last " Steeleye Span " US & UK gigs I did back @ the end of 2000, & also thank those that caught the Mary Chapin Carpenter UK, Ireland & U.S. dates in May through August of this year. Though very different in many ways, I truly had a wonderful time on both tours.

The two accompanying CD's have great & diverse music on them ( " Bedlam Born " / " Time*Sex*Love " ) & I hope you get the opportunity to hear them. Although Chapin has taken a great deal of my time recently, there has been some other activity - film scores, record dates - & gigs of all shapes & sizes! " Say it isn't So " , a feature film starring Heather Graham is now out & has yours truly on most of the soundtrack ... and later this year I'll be able to let you know of some CD's recorded over the last six to nine months or so.

For the drum magazine readers out there, UK's " Rhythm " has an article in the Sept. issue ( with Steve Gadd on the cover ) ... & Novembers' " Modern Drummer " - with Stewart Copeland on the cover - has an update concentrating on my move here from the UK.

As a side bar, I also highly recommend John Aldridge's " Not So Modern Drummer " magazine for news & views on vintage & custom drums.

I'm pleased to add that since my move to New England last year, I've made some great friends - musical & otherwise - & treasure these new relationships as much as the many I have in England & Europe - my very best wishes to you all .

Finally, if I can help any more drummers out there with tech' queries, don't hesitate to e-mail me ... better still, come & see me play so we can talk in person.

Fondest to you all & to paraphrase " Frasier " - keep listening . Love .... DM