Dave Mattacks Snares
Pic' courtesy of Danny Khan
New England, USA / December '06 (Minor update March 19th)

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Good day folks …
I'm sketching the bones of this update in mid-Nov' on a 'plane as we return from Santa Fe, NM where we've just enjoyed a wonderful & much needed holiday. Kudos is due once more to good chums the Smallwoods for friendship par excellence; honoury mention must go to NM drummer Bryan Lewis too. Our batteries have been re-charged – hopefully sufficiently to get us through the Christmas/New Year holidays!
My folkie cohorts "Feast of Fiddles" were invited to play @ the ["Fairport Convention" organized] Cropredy Music Festival in Oxfordshire this August, & we used the opportunity to see family & friends around the UK. Although it has been nine years since I played at that festival [with "Fairport"], it certainly did not seem like that long ago. We had a wonderful time seeing so many friends &  "F.O.F.'s" great reception on the Thursday evening was icing on the cake. The following evening, Richard Thompson, Dave Swarbrick, Simon Nicol, Ashley Hutchings, Chris While [acting on behalf of the late Sandy Denny] & yours truly all got together on the main stage & accepted gold plaques from Island Records representatives acknowledging "continued phenomenal sales" [?!] of "Leige & Leif". [For those in the dark, "L & L" was Fairport's "groundbreaking" release in '69] As of time of writing, it's likely I'll take part [in a way yet to be musically determined] in Fairport's Cropredy Festival in '07; their 40th Anniversary Celebration. [UK readers  -  I hope to see you on the Mar/Apr "FOF" dates – www.feastoffiddles.com for more.]

Dave Mattacks Snares
Pic' courtesy of David Schnirman
We were delighted to play host to Neil & Rosemary Percy for a couple of days in October here in New England. Neil is principal percussionist with the LSO [& teaches @ the Royal Academy] & he & his partner-in-crime Paul Clarvis are probably the finest two musicians I'm proud to call friends. The fact that they're simply the best people to be around doesn't hinder either. Our trip to the South Boston based Zildjian cymbal company was unfortunately cut short – for me, not Neil – as I had to leave for [another] date – this time in DC  -  with Rosanne Cash the same day. Approx. two weeks previously, I'd got called to 'sub [relatively speaking at the last minute] for her drummer Shawn Pelton as his "Saturday Night Live" TV commitments had caught up with him. At the end of the first sound check with Rosanne [no rehearsal & pre-concert], I was asked about my future availability. Rosanne, her musicians, organization & crew are all wonderful people & it's a pleasure making music with them  -  I look forward to more.
It's worth re-iterating here that if interested, you can keep up with my most of my live music schedule by going to the "gigs" side bar. These dates can range from a casual evening with musical friends in my local "watering hole" through to – for example – concerts in Sydney with Rosanne [Jan'] & everything in between. It's all music!
Dave Mattacks Snares
Steve Smith, Charlie Watts & DM after Steve's recent gig @ Harvard Square's "Regatta Bar"
Pic' courtesy of Jim McGathey/John DeChristopher of Zildjian
Prior to the Percy's visit, top Boston drummer Jim Gwin & I had an enjoyable "boys day out" in NYC, taking in Barry Greenspons' "Drummers World" shop & then going to the Zildjian Artist session @ SIR. Zildjian are continually pushing the boundaries of great cymbal making – next year will see the release of another new range that's very much up my street. Drummers – watch the trade magz' in the New Year for more.

While on the drumming side of things, thanks once more to "Modern Drummer" magazine [the Oct. issue] & "Dirty Linen" magazine [Aug / Sept issue] for the write-ups on yours truly. Also check out a new drum & percussion magazine that I’m contributing to : "Drumhead"; FYI, Jonathon Mover is the Editor.

By the time you're reading this, we should be on the back-end of the mixes for the second highly recommended "Super Genius" CD  -  probably available in January/February .. go to www.supergenius.us for more info'.  Some other CD's of note I contributed to that are either out now or [*] soon-ish:  Ellis Paul [I played on the John Jennings produced tracks], Dan King Live, Elaine O'Rourke[*], Edie Carey, Katie Klim [*], John Speziale [*], Tom Juravich [*], John Jennings [*]  -  “Google" the artists for additional info'.  
Finally, "media section"!  Here are a couple of current recommendations. FILMS: "Land of the Blind", "The Proposition", "Lucky Slevin", "Little Miss Sunshine". BOOKS: "Here There & Everywhere – My life recording the Beatles" by Geoff Emerick. CD'S: Larry Goldings "Quartet"[& also look for Liam Noble & Paul Clarvis duo release on '07  -  simply wonderful!] TV: "Extras", "The Riches", and "Family Guy" - what else?   
Thank you for your continued interest in music & my contribution. I hope to see you soon.   DM